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Written by C. Elden McNabb   
Friday, 31 July 2009 14:09
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When Bishop Kent died, he was succeeded by the sixth Anointed.  Bishop Marion W. Hall.  When Bishop Hall ascended to that office, he was a great preacher and mighty in the scriptures, but he did not heed the warning in Hebrews chapter twelve.  He fell into dishonor, and fulfilled Paul’s prophecy of “That man of sin: the son of perdition” in 2 Thess. 2:1-4, who has now been revealed.

Bishop Marion W. Hall sat in Moses’ seat, in the Temple of God, The Church of the living God, from the spring of 1964, until the spring of 1972.  He was the fulfillment of Jared, the sixth from Adam, whose name means “descending,” and he was rejected of God because of his iniquity.  Bro. Hall lived another 27 years, and we hope he found repentance.  Jesus said “The father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” (John 5:22).  Therefore we are leaving that part up to Jesus.

Brother Hall was also prophesied of by Pharez, in the allegory of Pharez and Zerah.  The midwife said to him, this breach be upon thee, and she called his name Pharez (Gen. 38:27-30).  Marion W. Hall fulfilled that allegory, and caused the breach which finally destroyed God’s Church.   He was removed from office in the spring of 1972, in the fulfillment of Ezekiel 21:24-27.

The Other Three of the Ten Generations

Robert S. Somerville became the ninth man to lead God’s Church.  Six of those nine men had truly been God’s anointed, one of which had “failed of the grace of God.”

In the allegory of the ten generations, of the three who were not in the category of God’s Anointed, Peter faithfully did the work of perfecting the Church of God for Jesus.  Then, he turned the church over to James, the Lord’s brother.  Milton A. Tomlinson allowed a departure from God’s way, yet he fulfilled the prophecy of King Rehaboam (1 Kings 14:22-26), and others.  Likewise, Robert S. Somerville led God’s Church even further into error, and the Spirit of The Church finally departed from it altogether in December, 1980.  He fulfilled the allegory of Jehoram king of Judah (2 Kings 8:16-23).

Shortly after Brother Somerville took the office, he proclaimed himself to be the fulfillment of Benjamin.  However, what he actually did was to fulfill the other side of Benjamin: Benoni.  Jacob named him Benjamin, but Rachel knew she was dying, so she named the child Benoni, which means “Son of my sorrow.”  Brother Somerville had the ill fate of trying to lead the Church as the life of it drained away.

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